Conventional techniques for reaching high altitudes, for instance rotors of wind turbines, demand high technical expenditure.

We have developed a special technique based on the use of ropes which enables us to reach rotor blades of wind turbines flexible, uncomplicated and cost-effective. We are the first company to use this method commercially in wind turbines.

This technique combined with our mobile personal rope winch enables us

  • optimal access to all surfaces of the blade from root to tip
  • wide independence from the conditions on-site
  • problem-free feasibility of every type of wind turbine and every hub height, even 100m and more
  • easy and cost-effective access also to “off-shore” wind turbines

We have experience in accessing all common wind turbine types.

If a special work or repair task requires, we will use lifting platforms or cranes. Therefore it is possible, for your benefit, always to choose the right technique for gaining access.