The continuous and regular maintenance ensures trouble-free operation and optimal energy production of your wind  turbine. The main issue of the condition-based maintenance is the forward-looking repair of existing damage. This prevents the uncontrolled growth of damage and minimizes costs.

We are certificated by Germanischer Lloyd as a repair company for components of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic. Furthermore we provide extensive engineering know-how in the technology of the fabrication and repair of fibre-reinforced plastic components. Our teams perform repair and maintenance of all types of rotor blades worldwide. High quality and durability of the performed work have absolute priority.

Intensive planning of the repair work and supervision of the repair teams by our expert engineers guarantee that high quality.

Use our long-term complete maintenance concepts for the rotor blades of your wind turbines.

Our flexible teams execute various repair services for you:
» Professional repair of damage in the blade structure and the bonding
» Repair of damaged flow elements
» Repair of erosion damage and installation of erosion protection foil
» Maintenance and repair of the lightning protection system of the rotor blade
» Maintenance of the tip-mechanism and when required, mounting or dismantling of blade tip brakes

Above information can be downloaded with the product sheet by the download link below. In case of further questions please do not hesitate contacting our service manager Mathias Hillmann.