Regular inspections of rotor blades are an important part of maintenance based on the site conditions which today is required by most insurance companies. Through regular inspections it is easy to spot existing damages. This is an important requirement in order to repair damages early and with low expenses.

Inspections are carried out by skilled professionals. We have developed a special work technique based on the use of ropes and thus require no cranes which in turn arises no additional costs in accessing the blade. Also this method has the advantage of allowing us to reach optimally all areas of the blade and that it can be used in very high hub altitudes and in unfavourable weather conditions.

Control of the blade interior is usually included in inspections.

According to your requests we carry out different inspection tasks.

  • Damage control of blade exterior
  • Condition and position control of existing flow elements.
  • Inspection of blade interior
  • Inspection of lightning protection system at rotor blade
  • Inspection of drain louver
  • Inspection of tip-mechanism at Stall-plants
  • Execution of special inspection tasks with versatile measuring and control equipment:
      » Internal check of the blade tip by means of a special camera system
      » Endoscopy of damaged areas in the interior of the blade
      » Analysis especially of low frequency vibrations by means of a special vibration easurement system
      » Layer thickness measuring, material check-up, ultrasonic check